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Welcome Letter

medical_sign_family_dentistry_lg_wm.gif DR. HOWARD J. KIRSCHNER, DDS, PLLC


(718) 634-2123                                                            BEACH 54TH DENTAL BUILDING

               338 BEACH 54TH STREET

                                                            FAR ROCKAWAY, N. Y. 11692




I want to welcome you to my dental office.  I offer my patients excellent dentistry at very low prices. I accept assignment of plan benefit allowances as full payment, from most dental insurance and union plans, as a participating dentist, such as: 1199, DC-37, SSEU, UFT, GHI, Aetna, Cigna, and other plans. This means if you have these plans: you pay nothing for all covered services, (except for any co-pay or deductible, according to the plan.)   I accept most Medicaid plans.  I accept assignment of the plan�s benefit allowances without extra charges or fees.


I do your dental work in the least possible time: permanent bridges take two visits, a week apart.  I also make full and partial dentures very quickly in just a few visits.  I believe my work is equal to work done elsewhere at much greater expense.


I am proud to announce that I have the Wand Computer Injection System, which truly reduces the pain of an injection.


My regular office hours are: Monday and Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  For special appointments and special work, I have hours on Thursday, and even Sunday on occasion.  On Tuesday, I teach at Mount Sinai Hospital Dental Clinic.  If necessary, I can refer you to excellent specialists who treat my patients at reduced fees.


I am a dentist who works while standing, so the design of my chair and equipment is for that type of dentistry.  I use the latest and best techniques, the finest and most expensive materials, and that is what is important, not whether the dentist stands or sits.


Be assured that I am an excellent dentist, and that I treat my patients with gentleness, kindness, consideration, and respect.  Every patient is a person who is important to me, and for whom I will do my best to help in any way that I can.  I truly give the extra effort to help my patients.  My practice, founded by my father, Dr. Alfred Kirschner in 1960, serves the Rockaway community for these many years with excellent dentistry at low cost.


I learned that by using the best materials I get the best results for my patients. I use the most expensive impression materials, and the latest color guides for my bridges and dentures.  I use spore testing, and autoclave sterilization strips for verification of my sterility practices.  I observe all infection control guidelines.  Agents for Healthplex, and other insurance plans, regularly inspect my office.  My x-ray films take only � of one second.  A whole x-ray series is only about 4 seconds of radiation, less than you get from the sun in fifteen minutes.   [These x-rays have twice the clarity of most digital x-rays.]  I am very proud of my techniques and of the dentistry I do for my patients. 


It is hard for a patient to know who is a good dentist.  Not all dentists are equal, and dentistry is not like a pound of potatoes.  You do not buy a pound of dentistry.  Dentistry is a service performed by a skilled practitioner.  I believe my many years of experience, extensive education and training, permit me to give my patients the best possible service.  It just happens that because my father, Dr. Alfred Kirschner, opened this office, I am in Rockaway instead of on Park Avenue.  I believe I give my patients Park Avenue dentistry at Rockaway prices.


I can give my patients low cost because I maintain a low overhead.  My office is long established.  I keep my laboratory costs low because of the long-time relationships I have with the technicians.  I get the best quality laboratory work, and the best possible service for my patients.


In 2006, I received the distinguished honor of membership in the Pierre Fauchard Academy, an International Dental Honor Society.  I hold almost 3,000 hours of continuing education credits, one of the highest in New York State, and far more than the required 15 credits per year. This means I can give you the latest and best in dentistry today.  I was an instructor in the Children�s Dentistry Department at NYU Dental School.  I was on the oral surgery staff at Coney Island Hospital and Lutheran Hospital of East New York, Brooklyn. I am now the President of two Queens County Dental Society dental study groups.  I give lectures to other dentists on many dental topics.  I am a Certified Dental Consultant.


I believe I have tremendous knowledge and experience in all aspects of dentistry.  I believe I will give you excellent dental treatment at the best possible price, and probably at NO COST to you, because I am a participating dentist and accept assignment from most dental plans, and Medicaid, as full payment.


Great Dentistry Doesn�t Have To Be Expensive.


I welcome you to my office, and look forward to having a long and happy relationship with you and your family, permitting me to take good care of your dental needs.  I invite you to ask questions, or ask for an explanation of anything you see or that I do.  It is important that we communicate in order to have a good relationship.


The most important facts are:

        I promise you excellent dentistry at low prices.

        I am a participating dentist in most plans.

        I will accept assignment of benefits on your plan, so you will pay nothing, or just a co-pay/deductible, according to your plan.


Sincerely Yours,


     Dr. Howard J. Kirschner




Telephone: (718) 634 - 2123


Monday:      10:30 A.M.  -  6:30 P.M.

Tuesday:      Closed, or by special appointment

Wednesday: 10:30 A.M.  -  6:30 P.M.

Thursday:    Closed, or by special appointment

Friday:         Closed, or by special appointment

Saturday:     10 A.M.  -  4 P.M.

Sunday:        Closed, or by special appointment


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